Who are DSL Plus

We are an experienced and dedicated UK wholesale ISP and Virtual ISP supplier of L2TP bandwidth and managed connections in the channel market. We allow our partners to supply their customers with broadband, data and communications services without needing the significant expense and time in the setup and management of their own network. DSL Plus is in the business of making your company a success and through our innovative virtual systems allowing your business to be as big as you want it to be, increasing your profits whilst reducing your overheads.

Our key ethos is to provide our partners with a high quality range of services that will compliment their core business. As part of this service we understand that support, access to the services and flexibility are of equal importance and we strive to exceed our partners expectations in all of these areas.

If our partners wish to manage their own equipment DSL Plus can provide the bandwidth and provide an L2TP wholesale service that compliments this requirement. As part of this service we will consult on hardware, software and best practice, as well as advise on the realm and IP address allocations.

For those partners that would like us to manage the connections directly on a white label basis using our infrastructure DSL Plus can set you up as a Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP). As the VISP you do not need to outlay any expenditure in setting up a network. You can solely concentrate on sales and marketing of the products you offer and build brand recognition.

When choosing a wholesale supplier for your business it is important to understand how the wholesaler can also assist your needs and requirements. Ideally you are looking for a single solution and with DSL Plus you can have all the tools, resources and products needed to operate as a national ISP under your own brand. Your brand is important to you and DSL Plus recognizes this by giving you the choice and flexibility in how you operate.

DSL Plus supports our partners by enabling them to be a national supplier of internet services whether they are an existing ISP, an emerging ISP or a non ISP based organization wanting to implement additional products and services. DSL Plus gives you the opportunity and ability to implement a national service with the knowledge, experience and skills DSL Plus provide.

Some of the advantages using the DSL Plus VISP solution are:

  • No Reseller Set Up Fee's
  • White Label Services
  • ADSL Services up to 24MB download
  • ADSL Services up to 2.5MB upload
  • Fully Configured Load Balanced Solutions
  • Market Leading Pricing
  • Fully Configured Bonded Solutions
  • White Label End User Support
  • White Label End User Billing
  • Availability over 4 Networks
  • Simple anf Effective Portal
  • Discounts for Bulk Orders
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Load Balancing solution
  • Bonding Solutions
  • Highly Knowledgeable and Dedicated Team