DSL Plus have designed our network, hardware and software from the ground up to be fully:

As a Tier 1 provider we operate our equipment in distributed locations across the UK to ensure that there is no one point of failure across the network. We only use Cisco routing and switching equipment throughout our network. Our hardware is of the highest quality and our data centres are both fully redundant and secure.


Our systems are monitored around the clock and we take an extremely proactive role in the efficiency and health of each of out nodes within the network. When any node in the network requires maintenance or upgrading we will ensure that any affects are kept to a minimum and that our partners are aware of any potential disruption in advance.


We understand that quality and reliability is a fundamental requirement of any solution. The use of best practice when designing our solutions has meant DSL Plus can supply our partners with a market leading quality product whilst keeping the service price to a minimum. Market leading quality and pricing.

Network Coverage

To provide a complete range of coverage and product range DSL Plus have taken bandwidth from four of the core of the UK network providers.

  • BT Wholesale
  • Cable and Wireless Wholesale
  • O2 Wholesale
  • Tiscali Wholesale