Network Integrity

What makes the DSL Plus network suitable for business applications

We have invested heavily in the development of a high quality network that ensures reliability, performance and value for money. Our broadband network is based around multiple central pipes from each of the UK main networks and supports the full range of IPStream services. We can either provide you with this bandwidth to manage on an L2TP basis or we can provide you with a white label managed service to supply broadband to your customers through our Remote Management Portal (RMP). By using Cisco equipment at each point within the network we aim to guarantee that all of our services will be available 99.999% of the time and with less than a 0.1% packet loss, except during scheduled maintenance. If any scheduled maintenance could cause service disruption we will notify our partners in advance of the maintenance beginning.

As part of our strategy and ethos DSL Plus employ best practice server and network management techniques. This allows us to monitor all aspects of the efficiency, performance and health of our end to end infrastructure and give our partners the highest level of performance. To provide a competitive service there must be no concessions made to the quality. DSL Plus goal is to provide our partners with the highest quality service with redundancy, flexibility and a premium level of support. Some of the key areas of our approach are detailed below.


The DSL Plus network and the interconnects to each of the core networks are fully resilient, mirrored and scalable, with no single point of failure. If there is a failure or one of the nodes is under more than the maximum set load the network automatically routes traffic to account for this without interruption in the service.


Each node within our network is monitored continually by our technical team. Our monitoring methods are proactive and examine the efficiency and health of the network. This allows us to take a proactive approach in maintaining optimum performance and uptime of the services.


The DSL Plus core network is mirrored and every service that is offered has multiple levels of fail over and resilience. Should a node within the network fail or become overloaded the traffic is automatically routed to another node within the network. Our databases are replicated across multiple machines and can be replicated or restored automatically in the event of an error, outage or during planned maintenance. Since our core network uses Cisco routing equipment there are multiple redundant pathways that traffic can be routed to without any loss of service


We have designed out network to be highly scalable to ensure that nodes and central pipe bandwidth can be upgraded without interference to the core services. In the event of our services becoming utilised to a level higher than anticipated our network has been designed to expand to cope. Our software is designed to allow us to replicate nodes along the network with ease. Due to the use of Cisco the physical network itself can be expanded easily with the additional routing equipment where needed.


The security and integrity of our partners services are of key important to DSL Plus. Our systems are protected by numerous firewalls at our nodes and routers. We regularly check our systems with penetration checks and monitor the systems that connect to our nodes with intrusion detection software. Our data centres are physically patrolled and monitored and there are multi points to enter both buildings and data rooms.


We ensure that each of our sites has enough capacity to cope with the load that a modern data centre requires. To complement this we have onsite UPS and power generation systems to supply constant and uninterrupted power in the event of a supply failure. As a further level of redundancy we can change the supply of the service to a different node should power not be available within a reasonable time frame.