DSL Plus have a complete broadband product range to meet and exceed your requirements

We are able to offer a wide range of broadband services tailored for the wholesale and reseller ISP market. We understand the needs of industries such as telecoms, media and IT support companies and would be happy to help design products lines to suit your customers' needs.

The DSL Plus broadband solutions are made up with

  • IP Stream ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)
  • IP Stream ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 1.3mbit upload)
  • IP Stream SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload)
  • LLU ADSL (up to 8mbit download and 832k upload)
  • LLU ADSL2 (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)
  • BT 21CN (up to 24mbit download and 2.5mbit upload)
  • LLU SDSL (up to 2mbit download and upload with contention as low as 1:1)
  • Bonded Broadband (bonding multiple circuits to create a larger physical connection)


As part of our dedication to being at the forefront of technology DSL Plus can offer our partners access to the BT 21CN network where coverage allows. This has given our partners the opportunity to provide this next generation of service and gain a share of this new product.

BT21CN is the latest generation of BT's network. The goal has been to create an IP based national fibre network to enable communication in a range of formats and support the demands for voice and data convergence. This has allowed for the provision of faster and more stable broadband at ADSL2 speeds through the BT network.

The original evolution of broadband across the UK involved the deployment of unconnected nodes around the country to provide services. This disparate approach has not been scalable when attempting to meet the modern business demands. The 21CN project will replace the original rollout by 2012 with the aim of:

  • Moving the national PSTN phone network on to a digital IP network
  • The introduction of a single "multi-service" network, making the existing 16 legacy nodes redundant
  • The national roll-out of ADSL2+. This includes Annex M services, offering upstream rates of up to 2.5mbit on the BT network for the first time
  • The restructuring of the broadband services. This includes offering a true configurable QoS (Quality of Service) service for the first time


With experience that dates back to the initial offering of wholesale ADSL DSL Plus has amassed knowledge in both the wholesale and retail ISP market. Our ADSL offerings reflect this with the full range of ADSL services from BT wholesale and LLU network carriers.

Our managed reseller offerings allow our partners to provide cost effective lower user packages as well as Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and truly unlimited services.

  • IP Stream ADSL and LLU ADSL
  • up to 8mbit download speeds
  • up to 832k upload speeds
  • Packages from low user to unlimited services
  • free static IP address with all connections


Traditional ADSL provides a much higher download than upload capability. SDSL is designed to match the available bandwidth in both directions, with speeds ranging from 512k to 2mbit. SDSL is intended for us as a business alternative to a lower bandwidth leased line. Although ADSL2 is a direct alternative SDSL is still a useful product to guarantee the service levels that a customer will receive and maximise the performance of distributed network applications.

DSL Plus can offer IP Stream SDSL over the BT infrastructure or through various LLU networks. This has allowed our partners to maximise both their coverage and product set. We are able to supply standard 10:1 contention services as well as low contentions through to totally uncontended.

  • IP Stream SDSL
  • 10:1 contention ratios
  • 512k - 2mbits bandwidth in each direction
  • LLU SDSL (with contention as low as 1:1)
  • 10:1, 5:1 and 1:1 (uncontended) contention ratios
  • 512k - 2mbits bandwidth in each direction


Our L2TP central, virtual pipe or managed broadband partner packages are tailored to meet individual needs of the market and have been designed to be flexible around you. Our IP Stream ADSL services all come with a static IP address as standard and have a contract term of 30 days, giving you commercial flexibility.

As part of our dedication to innovation and quality DSL Plus have developed some of the latest and most resilient solutions in the market. We offer true bonded services or build a totally private network using Ethernet across the PSTN phone line infrastructure. If you have a request for a solution we would be happy to hear from you, we relish a new challenge.