Managed resale

Our business is wholesale and we have designed our services around our partners

DSL Plus offers two managed wholesale services, which in turn allows delivery of ADSL and ADSL2+ connections either through our market leading Virtual ISP Partnership or via L2TP technology. Through either solution, you can deliver your own branded ADSL/ADSL2+ features and benefits to your customers without having to commit to significant investment in a national network build, and whichever route you choose the products can be delivered and billed to you as on one single invoice to simplify administration.


For those partners who require more bandwidth and a higher level of control over their connections our L2TP service provides the appropriate solution. We provide you bandwidth for your customers that you utilise using your own radius servers. This allows you to benefit from the full range of services without the associated cost and expertise needed to build an interconnect with a core network. DSL Plus will provide the bandwidth for our capacity based connections and access to our unlimited fixed cost services. This allows you to build your own packages from the ground up and concentrate on marketing your service without the concerns of managing the network infrastructure.

Partnership benefits

  • No upfront capital expenditure for central pipe installation and setup
  • Flexibility to manage as much or as little of the service as you like
  • Managed services allow you to focus on sales and marketing efforts without using resources in infrastructure operation
  • Highly resilient, scalable and reliable network
  • White label solution where DSL Plus remain transparent throughout the entire operation
  • Access to the Remote Management Portal for connection provisioning and management


If you are an organisation looking for a DSL reseller option without being involved in the operation and infrastructure of the service then our managed DSL resale service have been developed for you.

DSL Plus provide the infrastructure required to manage the service for you. This includes the availability checking, provisioning, authentication, bandwidth and IP addressing. All this is provided on a white label basis and accessible using our online portal.

Our managed service allows our partners to adopt an extensive range of broadband products into their portfolio without the expense or expertise needed to manage the central pipe system.