Channel Partners

Advantages of being a DSL Plus partner

The DSL Plus service is focussed upon support. We are the industry experts and have a dedicated team that trials and produces new partner services and products. This enables us to offer you a portfolio to allow you to stand out in the market.


The simpler the order process the more time you have to develop your business. Our online portal allows you to discover the available networks, products and estimate speeds, as well as find out what type of service that a customer already has, all from the input of the line number. If you wish to develop your own ordering system we can provide you with the XML interface to be able to build your own solution.

Account Management

As part of our commitment to you DSL Plus will provide a premium level of account management. Our staff will visit you when you join to ensure that we understand your business and your needs effectively. We are available to assist with the development of your products and services to your customers and will assist in the marketing of specialist DSL and network solutions to your customers.

Product Portfolio

In the current marketplace it is important to be able to offer more than the usual DSL connectivity. With our interconnects with the UK leading networks we are able to offer a range of ADSL, LLU and ADSL2 connectivity products that will place you at the forefront of the market and allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Partner Resources

DSL Plus provides a full range of resources to support your business. Our online portals give you full access to provisioning and DSL management services. The Support Site contains all of the information that you will need to understand DSL terminology, set up a connection and run diagnostics. We understand that to be successful you need to have instant access to information.