Your own branded broadband service without needing to manage the implementation

VISP solution lets you create your own branded broadband service, backed by DSL Plus with our experience and full support behind the scenes should you need to call on us. Our VISP program is designed so that you can concentrate on marketing and expanding your business without having to expend any resources on managing the network infrastructure.

Through the VISP partnership DSL PLUS will provide you with access to a vast product portfolio of connectivity options, using business grade networks. This would enable you to offer any of the product range as standalone products or use them to supplement your existing product/service offering to your customers, generating both business growth and a secured ongoing income stream. In addition to this it may present you with the opportunity to cross market more of your existing products and services.

Our partnership would give you a flexible and competitive pricing with the ability to set your own sales prices. Our pricing structure is not like that of our competitors and is not based around connection volumes, but instead offers you an extremely competitive price from the outset of our relationship to put you in the best position to win business. We have no minimum sales volumes requirements, although if you find that you are struggling in any area that we can help with we are available to offer our support to you and if required we can visit you in person to suggest improvements. In our experience this route has proven to provide our partners the best way to build a loyal customer base.

We have spent a lot of time and investment in our own online portal. This puts the full provision, management and diagnostic tools you need at your fingertips. Our development team is constantly reviewing the features and functionality and any additional features that you may find useful can be submitted and will be incorporated if feasible. The online portal is your key tool in growing and managing your broadband connections, and essentially makes you self sufficient as an ISP in your own right. If you need assistance or support we will always be there so that you can rely on our knowledge.

The functionality that it offers includes ordering & monitoring from the point of order through to completion, usage information to aid with customer account management for the lifetime of the connection, the ability to disable access which can aid credit control and cash flow for non paying customers and online line diagnostic tools which will reduce your customers waiting time in the event of a fault report to you.

Above all else we understand that our customers are our most important asset and for that reason we ensure that your access to our systems and information is simple, intuitive and powerful, our products exceed the expectations of your end users and our support is knowledgeable and efficient.