Wholesale white label bandwidth and expertise for your business

The DSL Plus wholesale package enables bulk delivery of ADSL, ADSL2+ and 21CN connections through our L2TP technology. With this type of partnership you can provide your customers' with your own fully branded connections without having to invest in the implementation and management of a national network.

The cost effective solution that DSL Plus offers its channel partners is designed so that you are able to manage the key areas of service that are important to you, without having to expend resources on network maintenance. As part of our service to you we can advise on the choice and setup of your realm structure, provide you with or help you obtain IP address ranges and the advise on the setup of your radius authentication. Once up and running you can use our expertise to design the right commercial packages for your customers' needs and advice on the best ways to use and manage your bandwidth, as part of this help we can show you how to add bandwidth shaping tools to your service.

The L2TP transit option from DSL Plus carries more than the advantages of not having to maintain a tier 1 network. As part of our commitment to the quality of network and its suitability for business applications we have an extensive number of peering arrangements designed to provide applications with the fastest possible route across UK and European networks.

The DSL Plus L2TP platform has been designed to be a flexible and powerful way to provide our channel partners with a complete and cost effective way to provide a true wholesale service to your customers. One of the key advantages of our L2TP service is that we do not require our partners to commit to large bandwidth requirements or long commercial terms. Along with our flexible terms our partners also benefit from our wide network coverage that enables the widest coverage of ADSL and ADSL2 services.

Taking L2TP transit from DSL Plus is an extremely robust and scalable solution. Our network can offer connections from multiple network sources and our core network is distributed over multiple diverse locations, allowing you to offer your customers a service with redundancy built in.