Partner options with DSL Plus

We understand that each of our partners have different needs and requirements. For this reason our partner scheme is tailored to meet varying technical and management needs. For our technical partners we can supply you with L2TP bandwidth and DSL tails that will allow you to build your own packages and services for your customers. You mange your own routing equipment and radius using your realms and IP addresses. As part of our service to you DSL Plus will help you design and implement this solution. For our partners who do not want to be involved in the technical management of the services we can offer our VISP reseller platform. Using our RMP management portal you can perform availability checks, provision and manage DSL connections from our wide product portfolio. We would be happy to discuss these options with you and work out the best package for your business.

If you are an existing provider we would be happy to speak to you about building a package to migrate your current orders to our platform. Our support team is highly skilled with migrations and we will ensure that the process is a positive one for your customers. Where there is an opportunity for you to benefit from a bulk connection of new customers we will happily work with you to reward this level of commitment. We understand that no matter how good our network is we are only as good as our partner service.

Our Partner team is here to support our Channel Partners, discussing the advantages of each service in detail and matching the right connectivity solution to your customers needs. DSL Plus prides ourselves on the close relationships we have built with our Partners and use your feedback to be able to truly offer the right services to help you build your business.